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Sean Stiegemeier’s Timelapse For Nissan Spot

Sean Stiegemeier’s Timelapse For Nissan Spot

Kessler Shooter Sean Stiegemeier sent us the following story about one of his latest shoots. Sean talks about the challenges of achieving time lapse on a recent shoot for Nissan and still come in under budget.

For a Nissan commercial I got hired on to do some second unit for the amazingly talented directors Arni + Kinski and DP Phillipe Le Sourd. I had some time-lapses to shoot that were straight forward and not sure if they made the final cut, but the primary shot that I was responsible for was this complicated pseudo motion control shot.
We could not afford the real deal so I improvised with the Kessler gear: 5’ CineSlider and 500 series motor with the Oracle controller.

Kessler U has the full story here.