Shane Hurlbut Shares Pearls at HDSLR Bootcamp

2 Day Workshop Promises To Rival Any Film School

Of all the industry professionals shooting with HDSLRs, Shane Hurlbut clearly stands out as one of Hollywood’s most innovative and inspiring cinematographers. In my soon to be published interview, Shane shares in depth about the rise of his career and how the HDSLR has changed not only his work but the entire industry. Particularly interesting is his upcoming HDSLR Bootcamp. This will not be just some seminar where you sit with a hundred other people in some auditorium. If you are one of the fortunate few able to attend this intensive workshop, plan on getting your hands dirty!
What you’ll get from Shane and his elite team is their 17 months of hard won experience with using HDSLRs in the field. According to Shane, the bootcamp will be filled with what he found works and what doesn’t work. This priceless experience (which he paid dearly for) will be served up in a two day, intensive workshop that meets the attendees specific professional needs.
With a small five to one student to teacher ratio, the bootcamp promises a hands on workshop taught by Shane and his elite team of union camera men. Specifically, you can expect to learn how to master the menus of the Canon HDSLRs, build, tear down and reconfigure rigs and follow focus systems and prep wireless monitoring systems for stage and location shoots. You can also expect to learn color grading and the particulars of working with HDSLR footage in Adobe CS5. Finally, you won’t have to settle by watching your work on a 24 inch screen. The class will see their projects as they were meant to be seen: on the big screen!
Discount For PVC Readers!
The cost of the class is $3250.00. However, they are offering a 40% discount for Pro Video Coalition members. Simply go to, and enter the code PVC. This will drop the price automatically $1,950.

Written by Clint Milby

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