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Shooting 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' with Colin Anderson, SOC

A special treat for Star Wars fans everywhere, we were able to speak with Star Wars: The Force Awakens camera operator Colin Anderson, SOC about his work on the revival of the beloved sci-fi series.

Anderson, having worked on numerous films with J.J. Abrams, holds the director in the highest regard. “J.J. is a very challenging director to work for. He uses every ounce of your ability, whatever shot it is, whether it’s steadicam, crane, handheld… he certainly gets everything out of you”. Despite the demanding nature of the production, Anderson revealed that shoot days were surprisingly compact. “The hours were not horrendously long, just busy. J.J. keeps things ticking along, he likes momentum, but it didn’t strike me as being an unreasonable schedule.”

Colin Anderson, SOC is a veteran camera operator with over 20 years experience in feature films. His work includes the likes of Stargate, There Will Be Blood, Super 8, Argo, Star Trek, The Master and many others. He is currently finishing up production on the Ben Affleck film Live By Night with legendary cinematographer Bob Richardson (The Hateful Eight, Hugo). For more information on his work, be sure to visit his IMDB page at

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