Show The World Your Possible Future!

Just last week we came across a film contest whose theme was a bit more uplifting than the norm: a short film about a positive possible future. Refreshing and a welcome change of pace, the contest is finally on! It started on March 29th and will be taking submissions till June 21st.
The prizes are numerous, but the biggest is $10,000 and a trip to the Amazon.
Their guidelines for submissions are as follows:
Create a short film, 60 seconds to 5 minutes, that will speak powerfully to the world about solutions and innovative thought in relation to Social Justice, Human Rights, Peace & Freedom, Personal Fulfillment and Planetary Ecosystems. Humanity and the planet need your attention, your ideas, your solutions.  Inspire, motivate, and ignite the world. Your story may change the course of history, accelerating an evolutionary leap into a new sustainable, just and peaceful age.
So be sure to check out this awesome contest, and  show the world your possible future!

Written by Jake Fruia

Film Contest Update – 3/30/11

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