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Pixels of Fury LA Host: Dimitri Simakis

Dimitri Simakis is a Los Angeles-based artist and video producer. He is the cofounder of the ever-popular found-footage site Everything Is Terrible!, and his art has been shown in galleries around the world. His client list includes The New York Times, Disney, Adult Swim, MTV, and Funny Or Die, among others. Dimitri rides the line between art and video, having created title design for shows airing on The Disney Channel and Comedy Central, in addition to doing character design for an upcoming animated show on Nickelodeon. Dimitri has produced for Current TV, Conan, and, most recently, BuzzFeed. Last but not least, Dimitri is a programmer for The Cinefamily (the world’s greatest movie theater), where he hosts monthly screenings and is the director of the Everything Is Festival, now in its fifth year. Dimitri really likes the VHS format and believes our culture peaked in 1986.