SIGMA Introduces Modern Vintage Lens "Classic Art Prime" to IBC 2019 in September

Since digital cinema cameras have been used in film and commercial photography, cinematographers in the world are looking for old vintage lenses up to the 1970s in search of softness and flare expression, video SALON We also report at various places on the Web (here or here), but SIGMA is developing “Classic Art Prime” lenses at the presentation on July 11 and will officially announce it at the IBC in September 2019. I announced that. As the name suggests, it is a reproduction of the taste of vintage lenses.

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By reviewing the coating based on the previous SIGMA CINE LENS, it is made to flare when light comes in. It does not mean that all the coatings are eliminated, but it is designed after simulating which lens would result in the best flare. Although the conventional CINE LENS and F value are the same (blur is the same), the T value is dark because the lens transmittance changes as the reflectance changes due to the difference in the coating.
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It is quite difficult to align multiple vintage lenses, but with new products, it is possible to align everything from 14mm to 135mm with the same look, and as a result, it also has the advantage of not requiring time for color grading. The Art Prime series also supports large format.
The part of Classic logo is colored by Aizu-painting of Aizu, local of SIGMA.

Written by Jake Fruia

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