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Small HD's New DP7-Pro Firmware Allows Custom 3D LUTs

In the rush to add LUTs to a camera top monitor, Small HD has crossed the finish line. Their latest firmware upgrade for their DP7-PRO monitor now offers “…native support for nearly any 3D LUT filetype”.
As more and more shooters color grade their own footage and develop unique looks prior to shooting, SmallHD’s revolutionary new camera top monitor now provides a real solution to make this a more practical possibility.
Here’s the quick blurb from their site:
LUT side by side
DP7-PRO Field Monitor – starting at $1399
The latest firmware update for the DP7-Pro includes native support for nearly any 3D LUT filetype. Simply create a look from any color grading suite or download an existing look, throw it on an SD card and see it applied to your footage, live!

  • Get the look you want live on set.
  • Keep your crew and your client on the same page.
  • Load custom or built-in LUTs quickly and easily.

This isn’t the first time their DP&-PRO has caught our eye for and awesome new feature. The monitor’s tablet-like design features a touchscreen, something we were impressed with when it first came out back in August.
You can get your very own history making monitor and find out more about the new firmware at

Written by Jake Fruia

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