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SOC Awards 2016: Snehal Patel Of Carl Zeiss On How They've Impacted Our Industry

While at the SOC Awards we ran into Carl Zeiss’ Snehal Patel, who was eager to speak to Carl Zeiss’ breadth of options for all shooters, as well as their use on the numerous films nominated for the evening’s awards.

Carl Zeiss has made a name for itself over its long, historied career of impeccable quality. That has generally equated to an equally high price tag. However, in recent years, Carl Zeiss has made a concerted effort to provide their quality glass to every shooter, from novice to veteran. As Patel explains, “I think it’s the most wonderful thing in this industry that we have such an impact on all levels [of skill]… I’m just really proud that everyone gets to use our equipment.”
One of the nominees for Camera Operator of the Year was Geoff Haley for Steve Jobs, which actually used Zeiss Master Primes. With a line varied enough to cater to any film professional and any camera, Patel explains the potential reason as to why: “That’s the nice thing about our equipment I think, is that it’s solid, you can trust it, you can trust the name and we really care about the enduser. It’s a big deal to us.”
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