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SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards 2014: Filmtools, Chapman-Leonard & More Win SOC Awards

This past Saturday, March 8th, HDSLR Shooter was privileged to cover the Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards. While the big focus was of course on the camera operators themselves, a fair bit of attention was given to the manufacturers who help these folks accomplish their craft. Filmtools, Motion Picture Marine, Chapman-Leonard Studio Equipment, and Pictorvision were all in attendance to accept awards for their work.

Manufacturers from Clint Milby on Vimeo.
Filmtools’ owner and founder, Stan McClain, was there to accept the distinguished service award for their contribution to the world of film, as well as to the SOC. The two organizations frequently partner for educational ventures, and the SOC even hold offices in the Filmtools building.

Stan McClain, Founder of Filmtools
Stan McClain, Founder of Filmtools

Motion Picture Marine won a Technical Achievement Award for their camera stabilization system, the Perfect Horizon. As Dave Grober explains, the Perfect Horizon “stabilizes in pitch and roll”, meaning the device matches the movements of the rocking boat to help smooth out your shot. It can also be used to stabilize land shots, such as a rocky car shoot, and can handle just about every camera out there. The Perfect Horizon has been used on ‘Chasing Mavericks’, an IMAX documentary on humpback whales, and an upcoming BBC documentary on sharks.
Leonard Chapman, Founder of Chapman-Leonard Studio Equipment
Leonard Chapman, Founder of Chapman-Leonard Studio Equipment

Chapman-Leonard Studio Equipment’s founder, Leonard Chapman, accepted the President’s Award for their many innovations in camera gear over the years. Champman describes how a conversation with actor Robert Culp (I Spy, The Greatest American Hero) changed their focus to smaller rigs, and shaped their company for the future. Chapman-Leonard is known for camera cranes and dollys, particularly their Hustler and PeeWee dollies, which were both developed with compact size in mind.
Lastly, Pictorvision also won a Technical Achievement Award for their Academy Award winning Eclipse, an aerial camera system that “offers the most advanced steering, stability, and pointing capabilities available on the market”. Unfortunately we were unable to grab anyone to comment of the win, however Pictorvision President Tom Hallman was there to accept the award.
You can find out about each manufacturer at their respective sites linked above, as well as in our video coverage of the SOC Awards.

Written by Jake Fruia

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