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SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards 2014: Nominees and Presenters

HDSLR Shooter had the privilege of covering the Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards.  The event took place before an audience of 500, including SOC and International Cinematographer Guild (ICG) members, industry executives and press at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.  

SOC Vice President and Awards Executive Producer David Frederick, SOC, presided over the event with emcee Bruce Carse. All proceeds from the show are donated to the Vision Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The honor was accepted by Dr. Thomas Lee, Director of the Retinal Center.
Lifetime Achievement Award recipients included Chris Haarhoff, SOC, Camera Operator, presented by Colin Anderson; Bill Coe, Camera Technician, presented by Steve Campanelli; Barry Wetcher, SMPSP, Still Photographer, presented by Will Gluck; Jack Carpenter, Mobile Camera Platform Operator, presented by Duncan Henderson.
Guests included ICG President Steven Poster, ICG National Executive Director Bruce Doering, SOC President Chris Tufty, President of Local 871 Michele Tedlis Sorbo and President of Local 80 Russell Nordstedt. Richard Crudo, President of American Society of Cinematographers, presented the Camera Operator of the Year Awards.

Nominees for Camera Operator of the Year –- Television

HDSLR Shooter was live from the red carpet and in our video we interviewed nominee and winner for Camera Operator of the Year for a television series, Don Devine, SOC – Mad Men.  We also spoke with other nominees including television nominee Nicholas Davidoff, SOC for Homeland and feature nominees Ian Fox, SOC – for Saving Mr. Banks, P. Scott Sakamoto, SOC for Labor Day, Jacques Jouffret, SOC for– Lone Survivor.
We also had a chance to hear from writer/director/producer Will Gluck who was presenting the award for still photographer to Barry Wetcher, SMSP for their work on the soon to be released film Annie. Finally, we were able to get a brief interview with camera operator J. Michael Muro who was honored for best historical shot for his zip line shot in The Mighty Quinn.
Look for additional interviews from the red carpet including Camera Operator of the Year –for a Feature Film , Peter Taylor, ACO, SOC – Gravity as well as ICG President Steven Poster, SOC President Chris Tufty, David Frederick / SOC Awards Executive Producer and many others.
In Memoriam Tribute to Sarah Jones

The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) added a special In Memoriam tribute to Sarah Jones, the 27-year-old assistant camerawoman killed by a train while filming Midnight Rider. As several members of the SOC had contact with Sarah during her career, the event organizers felt the special segment was an essential addition to the event attended by a wide range of industry professionals. “The SOC considers Sarah one of our own and will be including her as an Associate Member based on her work to date.
Her loss will be an inspiration to the production community for safety on the set at all times,” said David Frederick, SOC awards chairman. “The segment celebrates her joy of life and work as we witness the outpouring of support on social media from her ‘set families,’ including the Slates For Sarah Facebook page with over 65,000 likes and growing every day,” he continued. A special Pledge to Sarah page has been created to inspire safety awareness for all camera operators on set.
For more information about the Society of Camera Operators, go to their website at

Written by Clint Milby

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