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SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards 2014: Officers Of The SOC

HDSLR Shooter had the privilege of covering the Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards this past Saturday, and while we’ve interviewed winning camera operators, honored gear manufacturers and award presenters, we were also able to interview the night’s hosts, the officers of the SOC themselves.

SOC Officers from Clint Milby on Vimeo.

First off was Chris Tufty, President of the SOC. A veteran of the SOC with over 12 years of membership, Tufty has held numerous officer positions. He was able to explain to us exactly what the SOC does:

What the SOC does is we host workshops to try to educate fellow camera men and women in the techniques of operating a cmaera, and learning about new equipment, lights, and lenses.

He goes on to explain some of the events the hold, their continuously growing membership, and renewed sposnorship pushes that have helped revitalize the SOC’s connection with their sponsors.
We also spoke with David J. Frederick, SOC Awards Executive Producer. A former SOC President, Frederick explains how the SOC decided to bring back their awards ceremony so as to further celebrate their peers. This is his seventh awards show so far. Frederick also shares his views on the recent tragedy of Sarah Jones, who was recently killed during a shoot on train tracks in Georgia. He explains how the tragedy has been an unfortunate wake up call that will hopefully remind those working in the film industry to watch out for not only there safety, but the saftey of those around them.
You can find out more in the video above, and you can learn more about the SOC at

Written by Jake Fruia

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