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Canon T5i Review. Not Much Has Changed?, the leader in DSLR lens rentals recently reviewed the new Canon Rebel T5i before it ships out.  And from their review, I gather that they’re a bit disappointed.

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New Pentax K-30 Offering Stiff Competition For Canon's T4i?

  The new Pentax K-30 DSLR has been released.  It’s rugged body and price range make it comparable to Canon’s T4i…..or does it?

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Got An Itchy Hand? Check Your Canon T4i. Seriously.

  Canon has just announced that there is a problem with the newly released Canon Rebel T4i

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Canon Announces T4i DSLR

  Canon had just announced a new addition to their DSLR family, the Canon Rebel T4i. Although similar in appearance to the T3i, the T4i has several drastic internal improvement, including:

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Say Goodbye to the T3i?

  Recently, a large retailer in the U.S. is listing the Canon Rebel T3i as “discontinued”.  This could be a sign the the T4i release is around the corner.  The rumored T4i is said to come with an 18-135 IS lens with silent auto focus, and a 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens.  There is speculation that […]

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