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That Studio Offers 'Atmospheres' Original Production Music

A short while back, I had an opportunity to speak with That Studio’s Kanen Flowers about the quality of production music available today. Through the course of producing various films, his need for music grew, but he quickly became despondent at what was available.
If you’ve tried to find music online through the usual sources, you’ve probably been less than impressed as well. Most of what is out there is merely mashups of loops created on a synthesizer with very little thought or originality. So in true Kanen Flowers fashion, he decided to create his own. Flowers, along with composer Jesse James, composed what they call Atmospheres, and they’ve making it available through That Studio for your production.

Atmospheres is a robust collection of original music that spans all genres, from comedy to drama, action and even horror. With Atmospheres, you not only get the tracks, but you get the stems as well. Stems are the individual elements of the tracks, such as the baseline, percussion, strings, guitar, etc. You can completely customize the track yourself and customize it to meet your needs.
Atmospheres includes fifty original tracks including stems, available for download now from That Studio for $99.
For more information and to get Atmospheres for your production, go to

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That Studio Atmospheres is a a custom-created, high-quality collection of 50 atmospheres for your film, short film or web series. It was hand-crafted by Jesse James for That Studio (and you).

We spent a long time trying to find great background atmospheres and music for our work and decided everything was pretty terrible. So, we sat down with award-winning composer, Jesse James, and created Atmospheres. It’s background music for drama, suspense, horror and more. Other music libraries sound like a first-year music student on a keyboard. Our Atmospheres were designed to be used in the real world and sound great.

And, all 50 Atmospheres are only $99!

To buy Atmospheres, go to or

Written by Clint Milby

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