The Best Detachable iPhone Lens Cases To "Up" Your Mobile Photography

Today there are several manufacturers out there that offer some nifty detachable lenses for iPhone “mobile photographers”.  Recently, Amy Mae-Elliott at did a round up of some of the most interesting, in all price ranges.  These lenses are attached to a phone case that slips over your iPhone.  They range from $15-$257.  Each lens has it’s own personality.  Below are three of my favorites.

Above is the Owle Bubo.  This lens case gives your iPhone a full sized lens, external microphone, 4 tripod mount points, and a place to grab onto it.  This is great for people looking to shoot great video with their iPhone.  This costs approximately $160

This is the Kogeto Dot.  This cool little device allows you to capture 360 degree views with the help of the looker companion app.  This lens case runs around $49

Camera?  No.  iPhone lens case? Yes!  This is the Gizmon iCA. This case not only looks like a camera, but it actually give you camera-like features such as a hotshoe, a shutter button, and an optical viewfinder!  You can get many different types of screw on lenses for this camera to put that extra something special into your mobile photos.  Cases from $55, lenses from $23
Remember, before investing in some high grade iPhone camera equpiment, these case lenses WILL NOT fit on the new iPhone 5.  Something serious to consider before upgrading.
To check out the other awesome iPhone lens cases, check out this blog!

Written by Brett McGinnis

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