The Canon EOS 5D Mark III Vs. The Nikon D800

When trying to choose what DSLR is right for you, you are faced with many questions.  One of the toughest choices of the year is between the Canon EOS Mark III and the Nikon D800.  Recently, ran a complete comparison test to help you see the picture a little clearer.
This is the brief overview of the the comparison tests.

The Canon beats the Nikon on Auto focus points (Canon 61, Nikon 51), Display Resolution(Canon 1040000 pixels, Nikon 921000 Pixels), and Maximum ISO (Canon 102400 ISO, Nikon 25600 ISO).
Nikon trumps Canon on Megapixels (Canon 22.3, Nikon 36.3), and price (Canon $3449.00, Nikon 2999.00)
Remember, it’s important to consider what you’re going to be using your DSLR for before making a purchase.  What is right for someone else may not always be right for you.  Do your research and see what users are saying!
For the complete Canon EOS 5D Mark III test, click here
For the complete Nikon D800 test, click here

Written by Brett McGinnis

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