The Filmmaker and the Lens with Snehal Patel of Carl Zeiss

Here at, we talk a lot about the technical aspects of filmmaking specifically about lenses. We cover everything from lens speed, its ability to cover a full-frame and even its mounts. So this time, when we visited with Snehal Patel of Carl Zeiss, we wanted to talk about the people behind the lens, specifically cinematographers and their careers.

Recently at Cine Gear Expo 2019, Patel talks about a seminar they held where they tracked the careers of various DPs, from when they were on the notoriously budget-conscious indie scene to doing studio produced episodic television. If you are young in your career and just starting as a cinematographer, this is a must-watch video to help inform you of what to expect along your filmmaking path.

Patel goes on to reveal that for many of these cinematographers, Zeiss lenses have been there the whole way. From the CP2s, CP3s and now the Supreme Primes.

Recently Carl Zeiss has compiled a new Supreme Prime Reel showing a variety of new and different productions shot using the Zeiss Supreme Primes.
Zeiss’s new Youtube channel, Zeiss Cinematography has playlists featuring movies, television and commercials all shot on Zeiss Supreme Primes.

For feature film productions shot with lenses from other Zeiss check out this playlist:

Of course, if you’re in the Los Angeles area and curious about using Zeiss lenses on your next production, take advantage of recently opened Zeiss Cinema Lens Demo Center is open.

Access to the showroom is open to all but only available by appointment and you can make one by emailing
For information on all the Zeiss lenses for Cinema,  visit

Written by Clint Milby

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