The History of Dual Native ISO & the Birth of the Panasonic S1H

Years after Panasonic introduced the Varicam 35, other cameras starting popping with claims of owning the dual native ISO technology. Even though for many new cameras, Dual Native ISO seems like a standard feature, at one time that wasn’t the case. As Cheif Engineer of Panasonic’s Cinema Camera Development, Takahiro Mitsui describes in a recent interview, the radical Dual Native ISO of Varicam that is 800 and 5000 was not supposed to be as dynamic as it wound up being.

Mitsui goes on to talk about the lineage of the Varicam line, from the 35 to the LT and finally to the EVA1. But it was the development of the Pansonic’s S1H where the Dual Native ISO technology was actually adopted to be used in a camera outside of the Varicam line for the very first time.
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Written by Clint Milby

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