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The Hobbit BTS: A Look Back On The New, Controversial, Record Breaking Movie


A while back, HDSLR Shooter’s own Clint Milby wrote a great article concerning some of The Hobbit’s issues regarding 48fps versus the standard 24fps. It’s been bounced back and forth with a fervor rivaling that of the HDSLR movement itself, and it wasn’t even the only major contreversy to come out about the movie.

All that aside, I decided it might be good to go back to some of Peter Jackson’s great BTS footage he filmed and loaded onto YouTube, in sort of celebration of The Hobbit’s record breaking opening weekend. I think it’s a fun chance to see what went into this epic movie, now that it’s finally been released. Plus Peter Jackson has a way with BTS, making it seem much more compelling than it may be. Besides, now that it’s out I’ll go ahead and say that the 48/24 fps issue is about to come back to the forefront. Meaning now is the perfect time to voice your opinion! Have you seen it in 48fps? 24? Both? What did you think? Was it really as bad as the anti 48ers claimed it would be?

For Clint Milby’s take on the matter, check out his article at, and let us know your thoughts below. For now, here’s part one of The Hobbit BTS. Relax, have a seat in Bag End, and enjoy!

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