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The New MicroFollowFocus Blue

The New MicroFollowFocus Blue

At NAB 2011, Brian Valente debuted Redrock Micro’s new MicroFollowFocus – Blue.  The Blue is a total redesign of the MicroFollowFocus Version II and will be available this summer.



The unit features a more robust focus all-metal, machined indicator which can easily be repositioned.



You can also add an additional follow focus allowing you to have a double sided follow focus, and you can easily remove it as needed.  It will be possible to buy it in either state.  According to Redrock, the single-sided version is upgradeable to be double-sided with the purchase of a conversion kit, and it should be somewhat comparable to the cost of buying a double-sided one in the first place.




A very cool feature of the Blue is the blue-glow inserts which provide just enough light for you to see your marks even in the darkest environment.


For more information about the MicroFollowFocus Blue and all of the other great Redrock Micro products, go to their website at