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The Writers Store Documentary Film Class This May 17th With Kevin Knoblock

Those in the Los Angeles area have a great opportunity to join veteran documentarian Kevin Knoblock (Border War, Nine Days That Changed The World) for a 7 hour documentary film workshop. The workshop will be held at The Writers Store in Burbank on May 17th, from 10:30am to 6:00pm.

Knoblock will cover a wide range of topics (listed below) and if you register by May 14th, they will throw in a bonus in the form of Knoblock’s ebook, ‘Secrets to Funding and Budgeting Your Documentary From $5,000 to $500,000’. 
The class costs $199, and you can find out more details as well as register at
Throughout his 25-year career, documentary filmmaker Kevin Knoblock has become a leading producer, writer, and director of powerful, award-winning documentaries about social issues, historical events, and popular culture.
In this 7-hour comprehensive DOCUMENTARY FILM CLASS workshop, Knoblock presents a step-by-step approach to unlocking the secrets and techniques of creating expertly crafted documentary films. For those on a tight budget, Knoblock explains how to allocate your resources for a documentary budget as low as $5,000 (and as high as $500,000 or more). He also discusses how to get a professional quality look by renting camera equipment at various price points, from budget conscious DSLRs to high-end cameras like Arri Alexas or the Sony CineAlta line of HD cameras, and the strategies of when it’s best to buy equipment versus hiring crews for shooting.
Areas covered include:
Do Your Research
What is the Message/Goal of the Documentary? Will your subject have appeal to a wide audience? Have there been other films on the subject? What is your desired outlet (i.e. theatrical release or cable channel)?
Start With a Realistic Budget
Know every line item, every piece of gear, and what things cost. Class will include handouts on sample documentary budgets from $10,000 to $2,000,000.
The Secrets To Getting Your Project Funded
How to find funding sources: non-profits, private individuals, co-ventures with other production companies, networks, and crowd-sourcing.
Learn The Secret To Finding Great Personal Stories
Personal stories help audiences connect emotionally to your film, and are key to illuminating complex issues.
How To Create Your Production Blueprint
How to outline your story. What will you be shooting and where? Who will you interview?
What gear should you use? What ‘look’ do you want? What can you afford? Small chip camcorders? Traditional ENG video cameras? HDSLRs? Large sensor video cameras?
Visual Theory
Shooting styles. Single or multi cameras. How to shoot an interview. How to pick the look of your interview settings.
Essentials of Good Sound Recording
Sound recording basics. Avoid a common error in valuing picture over sound.
Script formats. Dramatic development. Story structure (inc. shots, scenes, sequences, acts). Creating the paper edit (audio and visual columns).
How and When To Use Archival Stills and Footage
How much will your archival material cost? What vendors are best?
Should you use original music or royalty free?
And learn how writing to ‘temp’ music can unlock your creativity.
Hiring and Working With Your Editor
Developing a workflow. Selecting clips, stills and b-roll.
Know Your Deliverables and Formats
How long should your documentary be and what medium do you deliver on? Learn about what is expected for theatrical documentaries, ad-supported cable docs, and for premium cable.
Getting Distribution
Submitting your completed documentary to film festivals. Sales Agents. Theatrical release vs. direct to DVD or cable.
How To Leverage Your Completed Film Into Your Next Project
Using traditional press outlets and social media to create buzz.
Kevin Knoblock’s 7-hour Documentary Film Class workshop offers the most comprehensive and professional full day class on the art, craft, and business of creating documentaries. All levels of professionals can benefit from this class. Sign up today!

Written by Jake Fruia

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