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Transcoding? File Backups? Let That Studio's 'Trim N Collect' Do All The Work For You

Transcoding and backing up footage can be a tedious process, one that many would rather not have to deal with. Enter ‘Trim N Collect’ from That Studio. In short, this simple script performs the complex function of “…removing unused media and trimming the used clips only to the ranges used in the compositions”, helping prepare your project for archiving, editing, transfer, and more.

The Trim N Collect script starts by analyzing your footage, finding all compositions within the project. It then sets about consolidating the project as a whole, gathering data about each piece of media within the project. Then the script begins the real work of trimming/transcoding the footage down to only the parts you’ll use based on a number of settings you can choose from. For example you can choose to transcode your project based on whether or not the files have an alpha channel, or set it to consolidate (essentially remove) gaps of a specified amount of seconds.
Trim N Collect even lets you select to omit certain files (such as TIFF and DPX files) from transcoding, preserving those aspects of your project. Plus, for ease of use, you can save all of your choices so that they are the default settings for when you next run the Trim N Collect script. Perhaps best of all, all files that are trimmed are saved into a folder you specify, making sure you never need to go on a file hunt for something you may want later. This robust script offers an invaluable tool to help any post professional a way to not only ensure footage is protected, but also exactly as they need it for whatever the final outcome.

It is worth noting that a similar functionality is already available in Adobe Premiere, but Premiere’s ability to do this is not nearly as advanced or customizable as Trim N Collect. Premiere simply does not handle many aspects that Trim N Collect does. For example, Premiere won’t handle Cinema 4D files or texture files at all, something this script is capable of dealing with.
You can get your hands on Trim N Collect easily through aescripts + aeplugins, where you have access to a free trial. However it is also super affordable, with a special 20% off price of $49.00. This special runs out this coming Monday, January 26th however, so be sure to head over to to grab your copy! That is unless you have Conform Studio, in which case you can purchase Trim N Collect as an upgrade for just $39.00.
Trim N Collect comes from That Studio who continue to produce great tools for filmmakers, editors and visual effects artists. Other products from That Studio include Conform Studio, an awesome set of scripts that help manage your VFX, as well as their royalty-free music collection for film and tv, Atmospheres, That Studio Effects (formerly Indie Essentials), and the upcoming That Studio Panel. For all of That Studio’s amazing tools, be sure to visit

Written by Jake Fruia

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