Two cameras, one app, zero staff – CamStreamer App streams live from Prague International Design Festival

Starting today, CamStreamer, the developer of applications for Axis IP cameras, is streaming live from the Prague International Design Festival (a.k.a. Designblok), the most extensive design and fashion festival in the Czech Republic. In keeping with the main theme of the festival – Future – CamStreamer is utilizing its cutting-edge streaming solutions and providing festival fans with a live broadcast from the event’s main stage.
The 21st annual Prague Designblok is expecting a record-breaking number of participants and new program formats. The stage of the festival will host two international conferences and numerous talks, fashions shows, and lectures. “This year’s theme, the future, made us think about new ways we can reach out to new audiences. Allowing not only people at the Prague Exhibition Grounds but everyone online to connect with the thoughts and ideas from experts and professionals in the field via a live stream is a progressive way to go. At the end of the day, the future is everyone’s concern,” says Designblok project manager Jan Makalouš.
From intelligent edge computing to live stream
The live stream from the main stage is provided by an AXIS M5525-E PTZ Network Camera with the CamStreamer App onboard. The camera’s pan-tilt-zoom features enable Full HD live streaming from the main stage and, during breaks in the program, from other areas of the festival. Moreover, it allows the production team to prepare camera preset positions in advance and then change the angle of the camera with one click on a PC or smartphone.
The CamStreamer App sends out two live streams simultaneously. One goes directly to the Facebook streaming platform, and at the same time, the second stream is sent via a video decoder in HDMI format to the production team’s mixing console and to a large screen on the show’s main stage. The video is also locally downloaded for later content usage. Additionally, the AXIS Q3515 Network Camera pointed at the venue takes a time-lapse video of the action. This appealing content format is intended for the event’s social media in order to attract visitors during the festival.

Multiple uses, zero staff
Making the most of computing potential of IP cameras, CamStreamer’s solution is not only technically advanced but economically efficient at the same time. Embracing the best of IP technologies, a quality network camera with excellent image performance and CamStreamer applications onboard can save a lot of hardware, computing, and, last but not least, staff. “With the CamStreamer applications, you can run a high-quality live stream by just utilizing the edge computing capabilities of an IP camera. This solution is ideal for events and projects that want to keep up with the latest trends, expand their reach, and build their audiences but at the same time are hesitant to invest in a pricey production team. CamStreamer applications are here to bring the best possible solutions to places where standard broadcasting production is not an option, or to complement it and open the door to new possibilities,” explains CamStreamer CEO David Capoušek.
The event will be streamed live from Thursday, October 17th, to Monday, October 21st. Check the program and watch the live stream here:

Written by Jake Fruia

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