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Unboxing the GoPro 3D Hero System

Unboxing the GoPro 3D Hero System

I just received the very cool GoPro 3D Hero System.  I first saw this gem when GoPro’s Rick Loughery showed it off a bit at NAB 2011.  I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival ever since, (see the video below).

I’m really excited about it because this is the first self-contained 3D system available at a reasonable price allowing anyone with a bit of vision to make EXTREME 3D. Of course the GoPro cameras are purchased seperately.  I’ll be using the 3D Hero System in the days to come, so check back for more videos and a review coming soon.  

For more information, check out the website at:  Official GoPro® Store

What’s Included:
3D Waterproof Housing
3D Waterproof Door + Skeleton Door
3D Hero Sync Cable
3D Anaglyph Glasses (3 pairs)
Helmet Front Mount
2 Flat + 2 Curved Adhesive Mounts
Assorted Mounting Hardware
FREE GoPro CineForm Studio software