Versatile New LED Bulb for Lowel Rifa™ EX Lights

Upgrade any Rifa EX 55, 66 or 88 softbox fixtures

Tiffen announces the ideal solution for extending the life of Lowel’s popular Rifa™ EX lights. The new Rifa LED Bulb turns any existing Rifa 55, 66 or 88 softbox fixture into an efficient LED professional production light. As simple to install as any lightbulb, the new LED bulb twists and clicks into the existing Rifa socket. Its powerful output of 3300 Lux at 3 feet can be dimmed from 10-100% and adjusted from 2700K tungsten to 6400K daylight color temperatures with a TLCI range of 97-99. 

This new LED bulb retrofit is a perfect complement to Lowel Rifa EX’s self-contained and portable form factor. It also adds a multitude of benefits users have grown to expect in LED lighting solutions, including low maximum power draw of only 80W while providing similar output to a 550W tungsten bulb. Plus it provides long bulb life, low heat emission, integrated dimming and color temperature adjustment.

Inside each Bulb is a powerful array of 192 surface-mount LEDs—96 cool white/daylight, and 96 warm white/tungsten color temperature. They are controlled by the included wired remote which features one rotary knob for control color temperature and another for ON/OFF and dimmer adjustment. 

Due to the reduced heat of LED illumination, Lowel has integrated new lighter weight and more effective materials to create superior front diffusers for the softbox. The three kits offered for the respective Rifa 55, 66 or 88 softbox, each include an appropriate size faux-silk diffuser. The new diffusers replace the legacy Rifa front diffusion, to permit greater output with soft, flattering light quality. 

The new Rifa LED Upgrade Bulb kits ship complete with: 200-240V 50/60Hz LED Bulb, palm-sized Controller with Cable, and a removable front diffusion panel in 55mm, 66mm or 88mm size—starting at $104 list price. RIFA LED Bulb Upgrades are in stock.

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Written by Clint Milby

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