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Want To Learn From The Legendary Dov Simens? Then Look No Further Than The Industry Workshops

Want To Learn From The Legendary Dov Simens? Then Look No Further Than The Industry Workshops

The Industry Workshops will be hosting the legendary Dov Simens. We spoke with The Industry Workshops found Jon Perkins about both upcoming events and why you should act fast if you want to participate!

No-Budget & Micro-Budget Filmmaking, With Dov Simens – $40

:00 am, 3 Hours – 4024 Radford Ave, Studio City, CA 91604


Anyone can Write, Produce & Direct a quality feature film, with today’s digital technologies, with only $2K-$200K. This intensive, by America’s #1 Film Instructor, will quickly show you, with minimal dollars, what feature film project to commence with; how to create yours; write the script and schedule it effectively. Then, whether it is a weekend (2-Day) shoot or a 1-3 Week (7-18 day) shoot, you will quickly know how to cast actors, secure crew and direct by selecting shots (Masters, Mediums, Close-ups & Cutaways) to obtain quality coverage for your editor to finalize, in post-production, into a 90-minute feature film.

“Blair Witch Project”, “Paranormal Activity”, “Tangerine”, “Saw”, “Clerks” are just a few of the Micro-Budget Features that have gone on to gross over $100 Million and launch successful careers. Now it is your turn. Bring a pencil, pad or laptop and be ready for pages of notes as you learn the secrets perfected by profitable Hollywood Low-Budget Producer-Directors like Roger Corman, Kevin Smith, Sam Arkoff, Quentin Tarantino and Jason Blum.

This 3 Hour workshop highlights many of the essentials found in the 2-day film school.

Who Should Attend: Filmmakers, Actors, Writers, Directors, Wannabees and Anyone with an idea who needs to know how to start

Requirements: 7-10 Sheets of paper and something to write with.

By the end of this Workshop you will know:

  • Independent Filmmaking A-Z
  • Producing Low-Budget Features
  • Directing 1-3 Week Shoots
  • Writing Great Scripts


About the Instructor: Dov Simens, a former Line Producer, was voted, after a decade of teaching at UCLA, USC & NYU, America’s #1 Film Instructor by the National Association of Film Schools, and has taught filmmaking in over 30 nations (Brazil, Germany, Singapore, Dubai, etc.) over the last two decades and has recently formed the China Film Academy in mainland China to teach and aggregate its emerging independent film world. Mr Simens is married, a grandfather and resides in Sherman Oaks and Upper West Side.