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WATCH – Band Pro One World Open House 2016: BlockBattery

WATCH – Band Pro One World Open House 2016: BlockBattery

BlockBattery has a history of providing power to our industry’s equipment, from cameras to lighting and more. We spoke with BlockBattery’s Greg Prentiss on their line of products, in particular their V-Mount to Gold Mount battery converter.

2F1-100/2F1-110/2F1-120 – $250.00


Mount switchable 12V/13.2V/14V or 24V/26.4V/28V high current NiMH battery, 100WH with LED fuel gauge; output determined by 2F1 mount configuration. See 2F1 Mount section for multiple options including camera, lighting & belt mounts.


2F1-ABA/2F1- VMA – $115

2f1-abaAdaptor provides 2F1 compatibility to A/B or V mounts at 14.4VDC output; also includes an integrated D-Tap.



2F1-S-Box-43/2F1-S-Box-42 – $335.00

sboxSwitchable voltage 2F1 battery mount box with switchable 14V or 28V; output connectors – one 4 pin XLR (14.4V) & one 3 pin XLR (28.8V) or one 2 pin Amphenol (28.8V); includes adapter post for mafer clamp. Output capacity 240 WH via two 2F1-120 batteries sold separately.


For more info on these and other BlockBattery products, visit