WATCH – Band Pro One World Open House 2016: The Lentequip SafeTap

We all want to believe we’ll never see our (very expensive) gear fried from some bad voltage or an accidental backwards plug in, but it happens quite often. The SafeTap is here to help, giving you a line of defense against shorting out your accessories, as well as telling you exactly what the problem may be. We spoke with the SafeTap’s creator, Emery Soos, on how the device will save you and your equipment.


The SafeTap provides user feedback via its multicoloured LED. 8 amps continuous may be drawn from the connector but may have to be slightly de-rated based on ambient temperature, lead length and cross section cable used. A sleep mode is activated at 10V, indicated by a blue light, to guard your battery against deep discharge. This feature prevents your costly power source from draining into the damaging extreme low voltage zone should you inadvertently leave a powered accessory unattended.
The SafeTap Connector can be purchased through their dealer network. For more information visit

Written by Jake Fruia

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