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WATCH – CINE GEAR 2017: VER’s Enhanced Environments & Cinema Division – How They Can Help Any Size Production

WATCH – CINE GEAR 2017: VER’s Enhanced Environments & Cinema Division – How They Can Help Any Size Production

VER offers the world’s largest inventory of top cameras and lenses, backed by experienced prep and engineering facilities. Clint Milby spoke with Paul Kobelja and Carl Cook during our live stream of Cine Gear Expo about VER’s enhanced environments as well as their work in television and film.

A fascinating example of VER’s enhanced environments comes from the upcoming remake of Murder on The Orient Express, where everything that is seen through the windows of the train is all LED screens, as seen in the third video below. In fact, as Kobelja explains, VER “installed the largest LED installation for a feature film ever”. So the motion, the reflections, the environment was all part of VER’s work, bringing “all the natural effects you would expect from the environment we are puting that into the shot so as to capture it in camera”. If you watch the trailer below you can really focus on the aspects mentioned above and see how effective VER’s Enhanced Environments are.

Of course, VER is also the largest rental house in the world, and have become especially proficient in meeting the needs of a wide gamut of filmmakers not just here in Hollywood, but New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami and New Orleans as well. VER’s Carl Cook explains their level of attention to detail as their mission to “bring that kind of boutique style, white glove treatment that filmmakers and production people expect.”

Especially with their newer, revamped facilities, VER caters to every level production. “We converse with people at all levels”, says Kobelja. A perfect example was our own Cine Gear live stream, a smaller project compared to most. VER provided all the gear we needed down to the last cable to make our stream happen, helping us build out all the gear we’d need and delivering with no issue. As Kobelja summarizes, “It really just depends on what it is that people need and if we can figure out a way to engage with them in a way that ultimately gives them the most bang for their buck, that’s what we’re going to do”.

VER is located across the country, with offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans and New York. For more information or to reach out to VER for your own production needs, visit


**A very special thank you to our Cine Gear 2017 team: Sponsors VER and Blackmagic Design, Director James Hiatt, Camera Operators Keith Jeffries, Jose Miranda, Michael Moreno and Haley Press, and PA/Social Media Miranda Youngren.**