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WATCH! Hands on with the Tiffen Steadicam Steadimate-S for DJI Ronin S

WATCH! Hands on with the Tiffen Steadicam Steadimate-S for DJI Ronin S

We had a great time visiting Tiffen in Burbank to get our own private demonstration of the all-new Steadicam Steadimate-S for the DJI Ronin S. You might be thinking, “why on earth would I want a Steadicam for my Ronin-S Stabilizer?”. Isn’t that the point of the device? To stabilize and provide smooth movement? Yes of course, but if you’re like me, it only takes a few minutes with the Ronin-S until my arms start burning and soon I have to stop and take a break. Also, you must be extra careful walking so you don’t get the bouncy bouncy effect every time you take a step. Sure it might be a smooth bounce, but a bounce none the less. Also, unless you use the joys stick, panning around can be tough.

Check out the video below for our demonstration and find out all about Steadimate-S.

The Steadicam Steadimate-S for the Ronin-S takes the weight off your arms and puts it square on your hips, letting you operate longer. The arm allows you to take steps without bobbing up and down, I mean it’s a real Steadicam.

Presented for the first time at NAB 2019, the Steadicam Steadimate-S offers camera operators increased freedom, endurance, and creative opportunity when working with single-handed motorized stabilizers like the DJI Ronin-S®. By pairing a single-handed stabilizer with a body-worn stabilizer the DJI Ronin-S can be operated for hours with minimal physical fatigue while maintaining a wide range of vertical movement and adding full panning ability and “low-mode” operation.

Users can minimize or completely eliminate the bouncing image effect that often occurs when using single-handled stabilizers as the Steadimate-S provides x-axis and y-axis stabilization while the Steadicam arm provides z-axis stabilization. The addition of the Steadimate-S easily and affordably transforms single-handed motorized gimbals into professional video stabilization systems.


Currently, the Steadicam Steadimate-S for the DJI Ronin-S is expected to ship in August and comes in a variety of different kits depending on your needs or what Steadicam equipment you might already have.

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