WATCH: How Does Codex Empower The Canon C700's RAW Recording?

Canon’s new C700 records in XF-AVC/ MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and ProRes, but if you want true RAW recording right from the sensor, you’ll need the Codex, CDX-36150 RAW Recorder.

At the latest Canon Hollywood open house, we spoke with Codex’s Brian Gaffney about how the Codex CDX-36150 attachment makes it all possible. Gaffney also talks about working with Russell Carpenter ASC and Canon on the production of the short film “The Calling” shot on location in Colorado. Not only was Gafney and Codex on location during the entire production to handle dailies not only from the C700 but also all seven of the BTS cameras rolling during production.

The Codex CDX-36150 RAW Recorder

While technically optional, the CDX-36150 enables RAW recording directly from the sensor, and at significantly higher frame rates, including both ProRes and 4K RAW. With the CDX-36150 the C700 can record uncompressed 10-bit or 12-bit 4K RAW up to 120 fps, 2K RAW up to 240 fps, or ProRes 4K up to 60 fps.
Other key features include:

  • Controlled directly through the cameras menu system
  • Modular design replaces the battery plate without any internal tampering
  • Record 4K RAW and ProRes at significantly higher frame rates than internal CFast Cards
  • RAW files are saved as a .RMF frame sequence in an uncompressed format with no “baked in setting.”
  • Uses one Codex Capture Drive 2.0 (1 TB or 2 TB capacity)

The Codex CDX-36150 Attaches to the Rear of the Canon C700

For more information on Codex’s CDX-36150 recorder, visit Codex’s website at Codex.Online/Camera-Partners/Canon

Written by Jake Fruia

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