WATCH – NAB 2017: Manios Digital's Wide Array Of Lights, Tripods & More

Manios Digital has a long history of providing a number of quality brands such as Cartoni, Kinotehnik and more. We spoke with Steve Manios at this year’s NAB show, where he gave us a tour of the many filmmaking solutions they have available.

Kinotehnik’s Practilite 602 Bi-Color Smart LED Fresnel – $1,067.00

The Practilite 602, the world’s smallest bi-color, variable beam smart LED light that is smartphone controlled to adjust brightness and color temperature. Compact and durable, the Practilite 602 was designed to perform and built to last. Its aircraft-grade, fully aluminum construction (CNC machined) allows for safe, easy and cost-effective transportation. The unit includes an app for smartphones and is Bluetooth capable that can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. This remote function is especially useful for single-person shooters and small crews. Documentary shooting and field interviews can be conducted more efficiently as lighting setup and adjustments can be done with greater ease. Kinotehnik’s unique Fresnel lens design provides greater light range than conventional LED fixtures and enables superior color mixing. Wider shot angles and precise light-shaping can be accomplished without losing LED output power/throw (as is often the case with barn door-controlled fixtures). The unit is designed to gather and throw as much light as possible through its 3.2″ 80mm Fresnel lens, providing unprecedented size-to-light output ratio.
You can find out more about the Practilite 602 at


Due to the excessive power demand required to power Atomos monitors for a lengthy period of time Hawk-Woods have been asked to develop a V-Lok fitting for the Shogun Flame and Inferno. This adaptor allows the use of V-lok batteries to power the monitor, using a dual dummy MDV fitting on the rear of the adaptor plate the VL-AS1 fits into the monitors original battery compartment but has been improved to make the battery weight more central. Also included on the VL-AS1 fitting are 2x Power-con outputs which are ideal for powering Transmitters/Receivers or further accessories which require power. Access to the Hard drive slot and the SDI inputs/outputs are not obscured. Using V-Lok’s will give you an extended run-time compared to the MDV batteries which only normally provide 35 – 45 minutes.
You can find out more about the Hawk-Woods V-Lok Fitting Kit at


Hawk-woods ST-38 battery, 14.4v 38w battery pack. This unique design is now available at Hawk-woods, comes equipped with x2 on-board Power-con outputs. Utilizing the m3 dual lock strips, this battery can be applied pretty much anywhere. Ideal for the use with drones or rigs, a very light-weight battery which is capable of delivering up to 10A. Accessories can also be purchased with this battery for further outputs. The m3 dual lock strips can also be purchased separately should more be required. For consistent placement please see our ST-QR , This plate has been designed for quick release and consistent placement.
You can find out more about the Hawk-Woods Sticky Battery at

Cartoni Tripod Smart Stop 2 Stage Carbon Fiber – $3,039.00

This ENG lightweight tripod is specially designed for fast setup. In just 3 moves of the patented Smart-Stop lever you can adjust the double stage legs in a moment and yet rely on a positive clamp at any desired operative height. Smart-Stop double stage tripod features 100 mm bowl base in aluminium or carbon fiber tubing.
You can find out more about the Cartoni Smart Stop Tripod at


Designed specifically to power a Freefly Movi system from a Lithium-Ion battery preferably the Sticky Battery system ST-38, ST-75 which will eliminate the need to use Freeflys own Li-Po batteries which cannot be flown with! The CLB-MOV has a 30cm flying lead terminating in a Tiny Tap connector (Mini D-Tap) which needs to be connected to the D-Tap output of a Sticky Battery. Then connect the flying Movi cable from the CLB-MOV into the Movi to power up the gimbal. The beauty of the CLB-MOV is its ability to hold/feed a constant voltage into the Movi rig which means the Movi does not suffer from current spikes when worked to the extreme. This has solved many problems for the serious Movi user who in the past have suffered from current spikes making their Movi drop out whilst shooting!
You can find out more about the Hawk-Woods MOVI Power Cable at

Vocas E-mount to PL adapter (Excl. 15mm support!) – $644.00

Sony E-mount adapter including 15 mm support. This adapter allows the use of PL type lenses on cameras that use a Sony E-mount lens mount, such as the Sony NEX-FS100.
You can find out more about the Vocas E-mount to PL-mount adapter at

Vocas MB-436 Matte Box Kit – $2,265.00

Packed with features that protect your camera and enhance creativity, the MB-436 matte box is designed as a 4″x5.65″ matte box with all the unique Vocas features but at an economical price and is perfectly compatible with big lenses and the latest large sensor and 3D cameras. When the filter trays need to be rotated above standard 15 mm rails it is advised to use a swing away bracket for this matte box. This will allow the height of the rails to be lowered so the filter trays can rotate freely.
You can find out more about the Vocas Matte Box Kit at
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