WATCH – NAB 2017: New Panasonic Camera Announcement & Accessories

Panasonic’s GH5 made quite a splash at NAB, however the buzz was also about a mysterious new camera that spent its time under a veil during the show. We spoke with Panasonic’s Mitch Gross for a sneak peek, as well as more on Panasonic’s latest accessories.

Secret New Panasonic Camera

Filling the gap between the VariCam LT and the smaller GH5, this new camera was hidden away, under veil and glass, at Panasonic’s NAB booth. Described as being “in the cinematic line” but also “small and lightweight”, this new camera is intended to cater towards a more inexpensive workflow. Panasonic will reveal the new camera at this year’s Cine Gear Expo, June 2nd and 3rd, with a final release date of Fall 2017.

Panasonic XPD3 Card Reader

With Thunderbolt™ 3 offering 40Gbps data transfer, Panasonic expects the AU-XPD3 to achieve an amazing data transfer speed of up to 10 Gbps, providing a superfast workflow. Thanks to the power of Thunderbolt™ 3, the full potential of the expressP2 B series card can reach amazing data transfer speeds. The drive itself is also set to come under $2000 list price.

The AU-XPD3 is made for supporting super-high-definition data transfer and editing, including next-generation 4K, for the broadcast workflows of the future. Specifically designed to accommodate high-quality, high-frame-rate recording of 4K/120fps and HD/240fps, the B Series cards are a significant upgrade to meet the demands of super-high definition recording.

VariCam LT Raw Recording

The VariCam LT has seen a great deal of support from a number of digital recorders, such as the Atomos Shogun Flame and Inferno and Convergent Design recorders. That support continues with an upcoming firmware update for the VariCam LT and Odyssey 7Q+, as the update will take the VariCam LT’s internal 2K at 140fps and output to RAW for the Odyssey 7Q+ to record. That will come in a free firmware update for both the VariCam LT and the recorder this coming June.
Be sure to stay tuned for more on this secret new camera, as we’ll be covering Cine Gear Expo this coming June 2nd and 3rd.
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