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WATCH – NAB 2017: Schneider Optics’ Radiant Soft Filter

WATCH – NAB 2017: Schneider Optics’ Radiant Soft Filter

Barely out of the factory, Schneider gave us an awesome peek at their upcoming Radiant Soft Filter at this year’s NAB 2017 show prior to their official release at the start of June.

The ultimate purpose of the Radiant Soft filters is to soften wrinkles and skin complexions of those on screen. While there are numerous ways to duplicate this effect in post production, the Radiant Soft filters allow you to do this in camera. This gives more power to the cinematographer, while also alleviating some burden on those at the editing bay.

Despite their glittery exterior, the Radiant Soft Filters have a very neutral glow according to Schneider Optics’ Don Shafer. He informed us that, despite having a similar bloom to some other filters on the market, there are some key differences. “The difference with ours is that it doesn’t bloom as much, which allows you to go into a heavier diffusion.

Schneider’s Radiant Soft filters will be on display at this year’s Cine Gear in Los Angeles, with a yet to be determined price and release.

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