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Wipster: All In One Team Video Sharing, Reviewing, & More

Wipster is an awesome service that allows teams to easily collaborate on short form videos, allowing you to share a video project with your team so they can leave notes and review the project.

The process is simple: you just drag the video file into the Wipster online interface and hit the ‘Share’ button. Then you simply select who you’d like to email it to, with a small message if you choose. Wipster then encodes a playable web version before finally sending the email to your selected people. Once received, your team can simply click anywhere directly on the video to leave a note, attach images, and otherwise leave their feedback for you and everyone else you chose to review. Then, each comment is compiled into a checklist, allowing you to easily see what needs to be changed. Finally, you upload the revised version, with previous versions already archived and available for comparison, and the process continues until completion.
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And that’s it! It’s a simple and easy way to collaborate not only with your team, but also your clients, as they can be included on your list of recipients. This quickens and streamlines the approval process, and helps develop a better relationship with your client. Add to that the slick and intuitive design and the speed of the entire process in general, and Wipster is a great choice for collaborating on video with your team and clients.
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You can try Wipster now for free now, with 40 minutes per month available to upload. Pricing from there is quite reasonable, $25, $50, and $100 monthly packages, yearly packages, and even enterprise package levels for those wanting something more. To sign up now and start using this awesome service, visit

Written by Jake Fruia

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