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Wooden Camera's Blackmagic Support: Micro Cinema Camera & URSA Mini Rigs

With the release of Blackmagic Design’s miniaturized cameras, such as the Micro Cinema Camera and the URSA Mini, we saw another surge of support for the popular camera line that needed rigs to help them function at their peak level. Wooden Camera naturally answered the call with rigs for both cameras, and we spoke with Michael Millichamp about the options Wooden Camera offers to house your Micro Cinema Camera and URSA Mini.

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Kit

Blackmagic’s tiny Micro Studio Camera has found a home in studios and at live events the world over, with people praising its size, 4K capability/quality and numerous additional features that make working with it a breeze. With such use however comes the need to outfit the palm-sized camera with all manner of gear. This is difficult to do without a rig such as the one from Wooden Camera, which will allow you to outfit it with a cage, quick release mount, rods, handles, PL mount adaptor and much more.
Wooden Camera’s Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Accessory Kit is priced at $834 (Base), $1,264 (Advanced) and $2,371 (Pro). However, each of the pieces are also sold separately, so if you just needed, say, the Micro Cage ($120) or the Quick Base ($450), then you can certainly do that as well.
You can find out more about the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Accessory Kit in the video above, as well as at

Blackmagic URSA Mini Camera Accessory Kit

The long awaited URSA Mini has begun shipping, and Wooden Camera is at the ready for it as well with their Blackmagic URSA Mini Camera Accessory Kit. The kit will allow you to add a top plate, quick release plate and handle to the Mini, granting you freedom to build out your rig however you like for a variety of different shoots. As with all Wooden Camera kits, you can even bring in your camera and they’ll help you outfit it to your precise needs, down to the smallest piece.
Similar to other kits, Wooden Camera’s URSA Mini Camera Accessory Kit comes in three models, the Base ($934), the Advanced ($1,108) and the Pro ($1,933). You can also mix and match any individual piece to your needs.
You can find out more about the Blackmagic URSA Mini Camera Accessory Kit in the video above, as well as at

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