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Yahoo Head of West Coast Development: "Nothing sells video like video."

Yahoo Head of West Coast Development: "Nothing sells video like video."


We recently had the privilege of attending the TransVergence Summit at the W Hollywood that was all about transmedia and its growing role within the TV and film industry, as well as various other fields. One of the keynote speakers of the summit was Adam Besserman, the Head of West Coast Development at Yahoo. HDSLR Shooter’s own Clint Milby (representing in this case) was able to get a fascinating interview with Besserman after his keynote.

In the interview, Besserman talks about a number of interesting topics, including of course transmedia*. It’s what he has to say about the television and film industry itself, however, that really grabbed our attention. Namely the quote from our title above: “Nothing sells video like video.” This was his answer to being asked what aspiring writers, producers, etc. can do to pitch their projects to a network or studio.

He goes into more detail during the interview on his own experiences within the TV/film production world, and even a bit about his internship at the agency that represents Howard Stern,  Buchwald & Associates. And, given the fact that he condensed a film history course to just a few minutes during his presentation, Besserman really knows his stuff. In short, the interview is as fascinating as his keynote, which you can find  details on below.

So please head on over to Clint Milby’s ProVideo Coalition channel to see the full interview, and for continued coverage of the TransVergence Summit. From there you can also watch Besserman’s keynote, which is linked in Clint’s post. It’s a fascinating look at Yahoo’s work to establish a strong presence on the web and beyond, and also really focuses on their internet TV line-up.

You can find Clint’s post at

*For those unfamiliar with transmedia, I encourage you to do a bit of research, as it’s really very fascinating. You can also keep an eye on Clint’s ProVideoCoalition channel for continued coverage of the TranVergence Summit to learn much more.