Zeiss Presents Its New DSLR & Compact Zoom Family Lenses At NAB 2013

Legendary lens manufacturer, Carl Zeiss, will be presenting their full line of DSLR lenses, as well as their new Compact Zoom Family lenses, at next weeks NAB 2013 show in Las Vegas.
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“…with a total of 13 focal lengths for F mount and 12 focal lengths…” Zeiss’s says its DSLR lenses will “be of particular interest to entry-level filmmakers as well as still photographers adding video production to their range of services.” The lenses are compact, unintrusive, and possess a long angle of focus, making them perfect for use in interviews, documentaries, music videos and corporate image videos. These include the new Distagon T* 2,8/15 ultra wide angle lens and the new Apo-Sonnar T* 2/135 telephoto lens.
One of Zeiss’ focuses for this line seem to be the many still photographers who are being asked to incorporate video into their work, as well as the many who are still discovering the wonder of DSLR cameras. Zeiss’ National Sales Manager for the Americas, Richard Schleuning states “The lenses make the entry into high definition video easier because they deliver high image quality and do not need the elaborate professional rigs which are common with cine lenses.” This makes them an even more perfect fit for HDSLR shooters, as many future video professionals are starting out on DSLRs. This seems to be the big focus of their DSLR line of lenses: the newcomer to the digital video world. You can find out more about them at You can view the full press release here: DSLR Lenses
Zeiss will also present their new Compact Zoom lenses, primarily the new CZ.2 28-80/T2.9. Described as “versatile and flexible” and “small and manageable”, these lenses are inclined toward use in television production, features and big screen productions.
A key feature of the Compact Zoom cinema lenses is their “…three independently moveable zoom groups” which acts as a guard against undesired focus shifts. They also possess “…a continuous high aperture of T2.9 over the entire zoom range.” They also cover full frame format, making them usable on a variety of cameras, most notably DSLRs. There is also a variety of interchangable mounts that allow them to be utilized on all sorts of different camera models as well. Zeiss currently has PL, EF, F, MFT and E mounts.
This is hardly the only new developments for the Compact Zoom line however, as Zeiss says it has plans to continue expanding the line by the end of 2014. You can find out more at their website, You can view the full press release here: Compact Zoom Lenses

As mentioned above, all of these lenses will be on display at NAB next week, where you can ask the experts themselves about these great lenses. They’ll be in Central Hall, booth C9043.
Even if you aren’t able to attend NAB, be sure to keep a look out here on HDSLR Shooter. We’ll be paying a visit to Zeiss to talk about their DSLR lenses as well as their other great products at NAB 2013.

Written by Jake Fruia

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