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Zylight Becomes Official US Distributor Of Aladdin Lights LED Product Line

Zylight Becomes Official US Distributor Of Aladdin Lights LED Product Line

As we originally wrote about in one of our interviews with Zylight at NAB 2016, they have recently become the US distributor for the versatile line of Aladdin LED Lights. Waterproof, ultra light, Bi-color… the Aladdin lights add to Zylight’s LED versatility, expanding their already expansive line of lights to new heights.

Zylight Named Exclusive Americas Distributor for Aladdin LED Lights

LOS ANGELES – May 23, 2016 – Zylight, a leading manufacturer of innovative LED lighting solutions, today announced it has been named the exclusive distributor of Aladdin professional LED lighting instruments throughout North, Central and South America.

Aladdin’s product line includes the Bi-Flex family of flexible LED panels, which are available in three sizes up to 200 watts. All Bi-Flex lights are dimmable (5-100 percent), water-proof, offer adjustable color temperature, run via AC or battery power, and allow a variety of mounting options. Aladdin also offers the A-Lite Bi and Eye-Lite Bi, two ultra-portable dimmable lights with internal batteries that allow up to two hours of runtime, and offer adjustable color temperature.

“Aladdin offers a variety of innovative lighting fixtures that really complement the Zylight product line,” explained Joe Arnao, president of Zylight. “They make durable lights that deliver high CRI ratings. Our extensive network of over 50 dealers for these territories allows us to provide our customers with an even wider range of high-quality lighting choices.”

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